Our decals are intened to only add to beautifully wood crated products. After the detailed engineering, design and production of a product the last thing you would like to do is add a decal that is bulky or has poor adhesion. Our decals can enhance your product with a zero profile painted on effect that is weightless. Whether you want the decal to sink into the grain or lay smoothy over a softer wood, we have a product that works for you.

Zero Profile


Clear Coat

UV Resistant


Waterslide Transfers

  • Zero-Profile and weightless decal that forms to the curves and angles of each stick
  • Detailed ink effects that can add additional grip or design
  • Product line that is made to go under a clear coat without cracking, pooling or bubbling
  • High end decoration the reflects the quality of the product that it is applied to. Make each piece look hand painted, yet precise and consistent.

Dry-Rub Transfer

  • Quicker application, while still providing a low profile option with no visible edge.
  • Options for on top or below the clear coat
  • Advanced colors, finishes, and light effects without adding weight or drag to your product.

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