Waterslide decal


Whether your are looking for an etch effect or highly pigmented inks, TSL Graphics can provide decals for most designs on glass. Waters

Zero Profile

No Clear Coat


Heat Resistant

UV Resistant


Waterslide Transfers

  • Zero-Profile and weightless decal that forms to the curves and angles of each stick
  • Detailed ink effects that can add additional grip or design
  • Product line that is made to go under a clear coat without cracking, pooling or bubbling
  • High end decoration the reflects the quality of the product that it is applied to. Make each piece look hand painted, yet precise and consistent.

Vinyl Decals

  • Classic decals printed with stronger adhesive and on vinyl thinner than the standard
  • Laminated for protection if applying on top coat
  • Unlaminated options to keep as thin as possible if going under the clear
  • Quick, simple application with a little stretch the help with a smooth application

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