Waterslide decal


Your design is intended to be lightweight, sleek and forgiving; why bulk it up with a decal that negatively affects a composite material? As composite technology has matured our decal technologies have evolved in parallel to provide decorating capabilities that can enhance any design. TSL's waterslide and heat transfer decals can conform to your composite product without adding weight.

Heat Transfer

Zero Profile

Clear Coat


Heat Transfers

  • Weightless ink only transfers
  • Sheets or Roll
  • Faster production speeds, with less hands-on time and no dry time
  • Mechanical precision for more exact application
  • True white printing technology, so your colors and whites are bold and visible.

Waterslide Transfers

  • Zero-Profile and weightless decal that forms to the curves and angles of each stick
  • Detailed ink effects that can add additional grip or design
  • Product line that is made to go under a clear coat without cracking, pooling or bubbling
  • High end decoration the reflects the quality of the product that it is applied to. Make each piece look hand painted, yet precise and consistent.

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