Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant Stickers

The heat resistant sticker is the answer for a customer wishing to clear coat while keeping the application process of a pressure sensitive sticker. This sticker is made with painting in mind as it can withstand temperatures of up to 360°F with a low profile that can disappear under a clear coat.


Zero Profiles





Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Carbon Fiber


Heat Resistant


  • A thin removable polyester carrier allows for alignment and application without contact with the adhesive.
  • Alignment lines can be added to the carrier for precise placement.

Print Quality

  • Only the artwork is applied to the part.
  • Even lower profile than a thin sticker so they easily disappear under a clear coat.
  • Special formulas can cure hard to be durable without additional painting.
  • Waterslide decals can be extremely flexible to apply to compound curves.



  • Made to be clear coated over the decal does not cause any bubbling, cracking or peeling to most top coats
  • Heat resistant and can withstand higher temperatures without the whites yellowing or adhesive failing
  • Special formula for option to withstand the heat of a powder coat oven
  • Curable option for products that you do not require a top coat

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