Waterslide decal

Waterslide Decals

The waterslide decal is our flagship product. Made for many substrates and finishes. The waterslide provides the perfect zero-profile finish that can only add to the beauty of your product. This high-end ink only decal finish without an edge looks like your art was painted on to the surface. This product is constantly being updated and enhanced to ensure that you are getting the latest in decal technology.


Zero Profiles





Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Carbon Fiber


Heat Resistant


  • Sporting goods: Baseball Bats, hockey, bicycles, helmets, Softball Bats, Archery, Paddle Sports
  •  Curved products: Beer tap handles, promotional products
  •  Motorsports: Motorcycles and ATVs


The Waterslide has easy application qualities that make it an ideal decal for most uses

  •  After application to the substrate, the decal is able to move around easily helping with accurate placement
  •  Being a flexible thin product, the decal handles most curved products with ease, being ideal for complex curves like helmets
  •  Application process only requires water, helping with workplace safety as well as being eco-friendly



Under the waterslide category, there are a few different ways to protect your waterslide to ensure a long lasting scratch resistant design

  •  Made to be clear coated over the decal does not cause any bubbling, cracking or peeling to most top coats
  •  Heat resistant and can withstand higher temperatures without the whites yellowing or adhesive failing
  •  Special formula for option to withstand the heat of a powder coat oven
  •  Curable option for products that you do not require a top coat


  •  Strong focus on making sure our whites are the whitest and our registration is tight on every decal to make your design clean and sharp
  •  Waterslide masking decals mask for two tone paint jobs and decal in one step
  •  Largest color and finish options of all of our decals

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