PET Decals

PET Decals

Polyester pressure sensitive sticker that provides more versatility than vinyl with advantages such as heat resistance, paintability and durability

UV Resistant

Heat Resistant

Clear Coat

No Clear Coat



Powder Coating


  • Pressure sensitive sticker with a carrier film for quick and exact placement
  • Can be used under a clear coat with the fear of pooling, cracking or peeling


  • When not using a clear coat, the decal can be laminated and applied onto the final product lamination
  • Adds additional heat resistance and protection to the decal
  • Our standard adhesive is formulated for permanent use with the option for advanced adhesive for outside or high traffic placement

Powder Coating

  • This special formulated thin decal can withstand powder clear coats and maintain temperature resistance through the 360 degree heat curing cycle
  • Apply the decal before clear application and cure normally


  • Powder coating warning or caution decals

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