Heat Transfer

Heat Transfers

Ink only decals with a fast automated application that is exact, consistent and durable. Recommended for higher production quantities heat transfers are a great next step for a zero edge decal that can go with out without a clear coat.



Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Carbon Fiber


Zero Profile


  • Range of plastics and for all needs
  • Archery Arrows and Bows
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Hockey Sticks
  • Pool cues
  • Leather
  • Fabric


  • Heat transfers require a heat transfer press, to provide consistent pressure and temperature to activate the decal's adhesive.
  • Our decals can come in rolls, that provide a more automated application process with feeders moving to the next decade after every use.
  • Or we can provide sheet heat transfers that are set up with registration holes and allow for the decal to be applied in the exact same place every time.
  • This is great for narrow design locations such as bow limbs.



  • With heat activated adhesive, the decal has a UV coated top coat that provides additional durability, so after application your product is ready to go


  • Learn more about the differences between heat transfer rolls and sheets here
  • Learn about Vacuum heat transfer technology here
  • No machine yet? No problem, we are happy to refer you to a few different suppliers we have been very happy with.

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