Waterslide decal


TSL Graphics badges are a great way to give your product a high quality and durable look. Whether made from aluminum, brass or plastic, a badge adds weight and sophistication to your design and product.

Cosmetic Features Available to TSL Badges
  • Embossing.
  • Wide variety of metal finishes using aluminum and metallic foils on plastic badges.
  • Anodized colors and enamels.
  • Full color printing on plastic badges.
  • One-piece forged designs for greater relief and impact.

Beyond the cosmetic finishes, TSL offers a wide variety of adhesion and mounting options to be sure the badges work ideally with your product

  • Multiple self-adhesive tapes in a range of thicknesses and formulations for different substrates.
  • Pre-curving of metal badges so they are shaped to fit perfectly on your part.
  • Holes for rivets or screws.

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