Waterslide decal


TSL Graphics was started to bring high end high impact decorations to all industries. We are constantly developing new products to work with different processes on different substrates. We strive to understand the unique differences of each manufacturer and adjust our product to if your needs, not the other way around.


Clear Coat

No Clear Coat

Powder Coating


Heat Transfers

  • Weightless ink only transfers
  • Sheets or Roll
  • Faster production speeds, with less hands on time and no dry time
  • Mechanical precision for more exact application
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Solution Transfers

  • Ink only transfers for seamless, weighless zero profile decoration
  • Carrier made of paper so it is more structured, providing easier application which is great for larger designs
  • Carrier printed with registration graphics for more precise placement
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Multi-Surface Decals

  • Ink only transfer that really grips, great for slippery plastics.
  • Reverse printed on paper carrier for easy application of larger graphics
  • No edge or added bulk from a vinyl decal, making your product more finished and no chance of the art peeling up or cracking
  • Withstands higher temperatures and a rougher environment than your go to sticker
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Powder Coated Decals

  • Two different decals specifically formulated to withstand the heat of a powder coating over
  • Goes under the surface of the final clear coat
  • Thin ink transfer that looks like they are painted on
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