Waterslide decal


The design of hockey sticks has become a science an art and that doesn't need to stop with decorations. Add detail and clean lines without adding weight. Don't cover up the details of a composite stick, enhance it.

Carbon Fiber

Clear Coat

Zero Profile


Waterslide Transfers

  • Zero-Profile and weightless decal that forms to unique shaped taps seamlessly
  • Largest color and finish options ranging from chrome foils, light effects and patterns
  • Product line that is made to go under a clear coat without cracking, pooling or bubbling
  • High end decorations the reflects the quality of the product that it is applied to. Make each piece look hand painted, yet precise and consistent.
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Heat Transfers

  • Weightless ink only transfers
  • Sheets or Roll
  • Faster production speeds, with less hands-on time and no dry time
  • Mechanical precision for more exact application
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