Waterslide decal


TSL Graphics has a long standing relationship with the production quantity baseball and softball bat industry. We understand that bats are meticulously engineered and produced, our goal is to enhance your product with unique and high quality decorating products.

Zero Profile

Clear Coat

No Clear Coat



Waterslide Transfers

  • Zero Profile and weightless decal that is becoming a standard in the industry
  • Largest color and finish options ranging from chrome foils, light effects and patterns
  • Product line that is made to go under a clear coat without cracking, pooling or bubbling
  • High end decoration the reflects the quality of the product that it is applied to. Makes each piece look hand painted, yet precise and consistent.
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Dry-Rub Transfers

  • Speeds up application, while providing a low profile option with no visible edge
  • Options for on top or below the clear coat
  • Advanced colors and finishes that are expected in your industry, such as foils, metallics and light effects.
  • Great for knob decals
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Dome Decals

  • Great for knob decals
  • Can be customized in height to fit your design requirements
  • Ink printed under or on top of the dome to create effects unique to your brand
  • Advanced adhesive to ensure the decorations last for the life of the the bat
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Vinyl Decals

  • Classic decals printed with stronger adhesive and on vinyl thinner than the standard
  • Laminated for protection if applying on top coat
  • Unlaminated options to keep as thin as possible if going under the clear
  • Quick, simple application with a little stretch the help with a smooth application
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