Waterslide decal

Global Sourcing

In a global marketplace, the ability to move product and parts throughout the world is increasingly important to manufacturers. With customer service and technical assistance in the United States along with Asian manufacturing and R&D, TSL Graphics offers power and flexibility in product decoration.

Image Control with Global Suppliers

Choosing a different manufacturer shouldn’t mean losing your brand identity.

TSL Graphics’ global arrangements allow for the greatest control over design, consistency and decoration quality even when using multiple foreign OEMs. As new manufacturing markets develop, TSL Graphics can supply the exact same decorating product to the new supplier along with the support needed to apply it.

Increase Innovation

After getting to know the goals and challenges of your company, TSL Graphics will direct future development towards your needs. Once decisions are made at the corporate level, technical support can introduce the new technologies to all factories in North America, Europe or Asia. This allows innovation to come from the top down and apply to all OEMs and suppliers.