Waterslide decal

Manufacturing Support

Decals and transfers are typically applied within the paint process, which makes them a part of a large and expensive process in most factories. Whether transitioning to a new decorating technology or looking to cut cost and make improvements, TSL Graphics works with you every step of the way. We can suggest changes to decals, paint or application processes to reduce cost, eliminate waste and increase speed of operations.

With decades of experience, TSL Graphics can address issues before they affect your production and minimize downtime. When the unexpected happens due to changes in the process or new requirements, we can make changes and help you adjust.

There are many ways outside of the cost of the decals that TSL Graphics can help save costs in your manufacturing process.

  • Reduce or eliminate painting
  • Combine paint masking with decal application to save time and materials
  • Reduce scrap and rework

Labor can be a large component of costs and management headaches. TSL Graphics can help your employees to work more efficiently or add automation where it will have the best impact.

  • Increase product throughput and reduce the number of shifts needed
  • Improve consistency and accuracy of application
  • Eliminate drying or additional painting for a simpler process

Contact us today to see how working with TSL Graphics can help your entire manufacturing process.