Waterslide decal

Artwork Instructions

The art you prepare for us depends on the design and the product we are printing. As we are screen printers, most products are best printed in spot color. This allows for solid, vibrant inks as well as special inks such as metallics.

In order to print a spot color decal or transfer, we require vector artwork. Vector files are created by programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and can be saved as .ai, .eps or even .pdf files. If you’re not sure if your file will work, Submit Your Artwork for Review and we can help you. If you don’t have vector artwork, we may be able to convert or redraw it for you.

TSL Graphics is able to screen print CMYK process color as well. For this we require JPEG, TIFF or Adobe Photoshop at no less than 300 dpi. If supplied in an AI or EPS file, all imbedded images must be 300 dpi or greater.

If you have artwork in another format or additional questions, submit your artwork for review or contact us.


Submit Artwork for Review