Waterslide decal


Customer support is the keystone of TSL Graphics’ business. We work closely with customers to help them improve their products and reduce costs.

Development Support

TSL Graphics invites customers to bring their greatest decorating challenges. Whether the solution requires a new product or modified application procedure, the development is tailored to the needs of the customer. Please see our R&D page for more information.

Manufacturing Support

A decal or transfer is only valuable to our customer once it’s on a finished product, so TSL Graphics considers the entire manufacturing process. We can work a new product decoration technique into your current workflow or recommend changes to the workflow to reduce time or cost.

Art Support

Art and marketing doesn’t need to be opposed to manufacturing. We work with graphic artists to offer new looks and effects within the scope of their company’s capabilities. Regardless of application requirements, our wide range of options ensures that the right look can be achieved. See our art and effect page for more information.