Waterslide decal


TSL Graphics ships decals and transfers from two factories in Taiwan, each designed to address specific customer needs.

The majority of product is printed and shipped from TransArt Graphics in Taichung, our long time partner. An ISO 9001 certified printer, TransArt features a wide range of screen printing and finishing equipment including fully automated Sakurai presses as well as semi-automated screen printing presses. TransArt has long been a leader in the Asian bicycle market with multiple locations in China, but works with TSL from the Taiwan https://ultramnew.com/precautions-when-taking-tramadol/ headquarters to develop new technologies specifically for North American and European manufacturing.

For increased flexibility, smaller runs and unique decorating projects, TSL owns a second facility in Taipei. Known as FSL, this facility specializes in the low lead times (as short as one week) and smaller quantities required by high end manufacturers in the United States.

The two manufacturing locations complement each other and allow TSL to best serve the needs of our customers. Contact us to see how TSL Graphics can serve your business.