Waterslide decal


Todd Larson started TSL Graphics (then TA Graphics) in 1999 in response to changes in the US manufacturing industry. While high end products were still manufactured in the United States, the printing services that decorated them had moved with the larger volume products to Asia. This led to high quality, US-made products competing on store shelves at a disadvantage.

Through a partnership with TransArt Graphics in Taichung Taiwan, TSL Graphics brings cutting edge decorating technology to North America along with the stateside service and support needed to succeed. In the last twelve years, TSL and TransArt have together developed decal types specifically for the needs of US manufacturers. Whether it is a transfer that uses pure water with no solvents or a waterslide that eliminates the need for painting, these products allow US manufacturers to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

To further meet the needs of American niche markets, TSL Graphics partnered manufacturing facility in 2004 that is dedicated to just TLS Graphics' clients. Complementing the size and strengths of TransArt, FSL specializes in low volumes and short lead times.

Today TSL Graphics distinguishes itself in the product decoration industry by tailoring its service, support and products to its customers’ needs. Our employees are willing and able to think creatively for new solutions to reduce costs, save time and increase flexibility.


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