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07.24 2012

Sheet Heat Transfers

I recently added a page specifically for heat transfers printed on sheets.  This is a great example where our customers benefit by how we actually print the parts.

If you have experience with typical roll heat transfers, you know how perfectly they fit many parts.  Printing on sheets allows heat transfers to work with irregular objects, small quantities and flexible production.

I work with several customers who decorate the same type of parts with many different designs for different niches.  When using a roll heat transfer machine, changing the roll between different models cost them time and flexibility in production.  By switching to heat transfers on sheets, they simply choose a different sheet and never miss a beat.

Sheet heat transfers also fit well when the part itself is an irregular shape.  Using either our vacuum heat transfer technology or custom machinery, we have helped customers to decorate everything from hockey sticks and baseball bats to computer mice and laptops.

Heat transfers have been an easy option for golf shafts, arrows and buckets for years, but printing heat transfers on sheets and using the right equipment has made them the future of decorating in many industries.




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