Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers don’t have to be stock labels. TSL Graphics tailors the product to your needs through a bevy of adhesive, material and printing options. You decide the size and shape, so there’s no need to choose a standard oval or rectangle.

TSL Graphics has refined its standard adhesives for vinyl stickers to work with the widest range of uses. Because these adhesives work well in the majority of applications, they are both flexible and a great value. When a substrate or unique use requires something different, the vinyl adhesive can be changed to fit the application.

Special Vinyl Sticker Adhesive Options

  • Removable adhesive vinyl stickers for temporary use. Stronger than typical static clings, these won’t peel on their own yet can be easily removed with no residue.
  • Heat resistant stickers. Formulated to withstand high temperatures without losing adhesion.
  • Sticker adhesive for cold temperatures. Ideal for machinery and equipment used or stored outdoors. Adhesion doesn’t diminish down to $^%&$^ degrees F.

Vinyl might be the most common sticker material, but is it right for your application?

Various film options are great alternatives to vinyl in the right situations

  • Polyester (Mylar) – Can be thinner than vinyl, more heat resistant and won’t shrink or stretch.
  • Polycarbonate – Stiff and thick, polycarbonate is extremely durable and gives a high end, substantial appearance.
  • 3P/6P Phthalate Free vinyl alternative – The phthalates used in standard PVC have been regulated and can’t be used in some products. This vinyl alternative flexes and feels like vinyl without the restricted chemicals.

Above all, TSL Graphics removes the design limits of vinyl stickers with high printing standards. Like all TSL products, your vinyl stickers can feature the full range of specialty inks, tight registration and the same innovation and assistance from our R&D department.