Die Cut Stickers

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Die cut stickers are a great choice for simple, minimal branding. Rather than printing your artwork on a solid piece of vinyl or PET, TSL Graphics cuts the design from several solid or printed colors of material. When applied, only logo or lettering is left with no extra material.

TSL Graphics die cuts with steel rule dies so your sticker can be made from a variety of materials

  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonate
  • 6P Free PVC Alternative

As with all TSL products, the adhesives for die cut stickers can be tailored to your application. Certain adhesives are designed for different materials or paint systems in addition to adhesives for special applications.

Special Self-Adhesive Options

  • Removable sticker adhesive for temporary use. Won’t peel up and leaves no residue.
  • Heat resistant adhesive. Formulated to withstand high temperatures without losing adhesion.
  • Cold resistant adhesive. Ideal for machinery and equipment used or stored outdoors. Adhesion doesn’t diminish down to $^%&$^ degrees F.

TSL goes beyond standard die cut stickers and offers several unique alternatives that may work better in some situations:

  • Press-on Screen Print – This dry transfer mimics the look of die cut vinyl, but is made entirely with ink. This means no tooling costs or die limitations. Application is exactly the same, but designs can be much more intricate as there is no cutting.
  • Multi-Substrate Decal – A solution transfer, MSD again uses only printed inks and adhesives to decorate your product. This transfer type earns its name by adhering to almost any surface. It is much thinner than any die cut decal and integrates into the product without seams.