All Purpose Heat Transfer

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Do you with there were an all purpose heat transfer that made decorating a leather glove or a boat canopy as easy as pressing a t-shirt?  There is! TSL Graphics formulated a unique heat transfer construction that will adhere to the most difficult materials.  From oily top grain leather and textured vinyl to terrycloth and nylon, All Purpose Heat Transfers (APHT) will apply to the widest range of materials.

The final result features our rich, vibrant colors and high quality printing permanently adhered to your product.  The transfer will flex and stretch with normal use for long-lasting decoration.

TSL all purpose heat transfers adhere to the following materials:

  • Top grain leather
  • Split leather
  • Textured vinyl
  • Canvas
  • Terrycloth
  • Cotton
  • Nylon

Don’t see your material listed? Contact us so we can offer our advice and test your fabric for you.

All purpose heat transfers apply in the same way as standard t-shirt heat transfers.  A heat transfer press is used to control temperature, time and pressure so that the adhesive melts and presses into the substrate consistently.  The biggest change to the process will depend on your part as the size, shape and contour of the platen should be customized to the product being decorated.

Ready to test for yourself?  Request a sample and we will send you a sample package of all purpose heat transfers to try with your material and equipment.