Waterslide Decals

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When it absolutely has to look perfect, waterslide decals are the choice for high quality painted products. Waterslides blend your artwork seamlessly into the product as they are specifically designed to be incredibly thin.

What Makes Waterslide Decals So Great?

  • Adhesion can be tuned for the best results with your current base paint.
  • Can be clear coated with powder or liquid clear for incredible durability.
  • Waterslide masking decals mask for two tone paintjobs and decal in one step.

To achieve a seamless look on a curved surface, TSL Graphics offers a high-flexibility waterslide system for motorcycle helmets, tanks and similar shapes.

Waterslide decals are the leading decorating choice in many industries and product types including the following:

  • Sporting goods such as baseball bats, hockey sticks and bicycles.
  • Motorsports products including OEM and aftermarket gas tanks, fenders and helmets.
  • Durable promotional products like beer tap handles and barbeque grills.

As most waterslide decals are incorporated into an existing paint line, customers will benefit greatly from TSL Graphics’ experience. Leading up to implementation, we will work with you and your paint supplier to provide the correct formulation and options to reduce costs, time and improve the final product.

Need a very thin, ink only transfer but don’t want the expense or equipment for a clear coating? TSL Graphics’ No Clear Waterslide (NCWS) applies and cures hard with no need for painting. The final finish can be glossy, flat or matte and offers scratch resistance built into the decal.

Waterslide Decal Application Instructions and Links