Water Transfers

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Water transfers are the workhorse of professional decorating.  Able to adhere to a wide variety of substrates and paint systems, water transfers application is an easy, equipment-free way to add only your artwork to the part.

For many applications, water transfers are the easiest way to apply artwork with no profile to your product.  The water transfer release paper, which is removed after application, allows for greater application tolerance.  Printed alignment lines guide placement for consistent decoration.

TSL Graphics is constantly improving the water transfer for new needs and applications.  From removing the solvent to removing the painting, the current generation of water transfers are easier to use and more versatile than ever.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Water Transfers – These transfers are applied just like traditional water transfers, but require no butyl cellosolve, only pure water.  A great choice if you want to reduce shop supplies and simplify procedures.
  • Multi Substrate Decals – Our most recent innovation, these water transfers adhere firmly and durably on many substrates with no painting.  The perfect choice for plastic parts for which painting is not economical or possible.

Regardless of how you apply a TSL water transfer, all come with the same high printing standards and cosmetic effects.

Contact us to see how water transfers can benefit your production or submit a sample so we can demonstrate the final result.

Waterslide Decal Application Instructions and Links