PET Decals

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TSL Graphics offers multiple PET decal options for every application. PET or polyester decals are less common than vinyl decals, but have important advantages over vinyl in certain situations. PET decals are just one of many.

Polyester decals are

  • Thin
  • Heat resistant
  • Paintable
  • Long lasting

PET Decals are thin

Polyester decal films can be significantly thinner than vinyl while still being strong enough not to tear during application. This means that PET decals are ideal for application under a clear coat. After painting, the thin layer of polyester disappears under the paint to leave no edge at all. Even if you don’t plan to paint over the decals, a thinner edge means less opportunity for peeling.

PET Decals are Heat Resistant

Combining PET films with different ink systems, TSL Graphics offers several heat resistant pressure sensitive decals. These allow you to decorate parts intended for high heat environments or apply the decals before curing the final product.

PET Decals are Paintable

TSL Graphics’ HRCS line of decals allows you to combine a pressure sensitive application with liquid or powder clear coats. This line is heat resistant up to 360*F to withstand the paint curing cycle. Just apply, spray and cure as you normally would.