Low Fire Decals

Low fire decals decorate ceramics, glass and aluminum with no need for firing at extreme temperatures in a kiln. Compared to traditional ceramic decals, low fire decals save equipment and energy costs in the firing process and offers greater color options. The application process is the same as our proven waterslides.

Instead of running a kiln at over 1000°F, low fire decals require a less expensive oven running only at 300° for 20 minutes. This is ideal for smaller batches and increased flexibility with no need to reach or maintain such a high temperature.

Low fire decals don’t require you to choose between a lead and cadmium-free decal or bright, vibrant colors. Low fire decals contain no restricted toxic metals and are safe to be used in every state and Europe. What’s more, this comes with no color restrictions. TSL low fire decals can feature any color in the Pantone system and beyond.

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