Dry Transfer

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Dry transfers are a unique product made to address the downsides of other decal and transfer types in certain situations. These transfers are ideal for last-minute additions or corrections to a design. All dry transfers a hard UV-cured top coat for durability.

Dry transfers apply with a carrier as easily as a die-cut decal but are made entirely of ink and adhesive, so there’s no vinyl or PET

  • A dry transfer won’t loosen or allow the transfer to be peeled off, preventing tampering.
  • With no background material, the transfer features only your artwork.
  • Dry transfers require no cutting, so the limitations of die-cut decals don’t apply. Artwork can be both intricate and freestanding.

Beyond an alternative to stickers, dry transfers give the look of other transfers without needing to set up and train for the application.

Dry Transfer is perfect for one-time decorating needs

  • They go on dry, so no water, solvent mixture or drying is necessary.
  • Dry transfers are applied by hand with no other equipment required.
  • Because of the built in clear coat, there is no need to paint after application. As soon as it’s applied, you’re ready to ship.
  • If you would like to paint over a dry transfer, it can be done immediately after painting.