Domed Decals

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Domed decals are a great way to add depth and a more substantial look to your product by finishing a pressure-sensitive decal with a crystal-clear polyurethane dome. Uses for dome decals range from small logos on consumer electronics to large domed sets decorating boat hulls.

TSL Graphics starts with the material and adhesive best suited for your needs, prints and applies finishes according to your design and then applies a thick, protective dome over the top. The adhesive can be customized to your product for permanent adhesion.

There are no limits to the design technologies for a domed decal:

  • Any metallic, fluorescent, pearlescent or anodized colors.
  • Chrome, brushed metal or holographic foils.
  • Embossing underneath the dome.

Domed decals are a popular choice for large, high-visibility product decoration on boats and trailers. In large applications, each letter in a trade name can be printed as a separate domed decal. A carrier film is used to quickly apply them in one step and evenly spaced.

Looking for Something New?

TSL Graphics produces several alternatives to domed decals that can help you keep your look fresh: