Many industries need high end product decoration, but each has unique requirements. TSL Graphics works with high end manufacturers in a wide variety of industries.  Here are some examples and the specific decoration issues that TSL has addressed in each.  Whether your business lies in one of these areas or you have other requirements, please contact us so we can work directly on your product.

  • Sporting Goods –All demand high durability decals with cutting-edge graphics as products are best demonstrated in use.
  • Paddle Sports – Due to expected use and storage, TSL Graphics focuses on moisture resistance, UV resistance and durability.
  • Automotive – TSL Graphics is currently a tier two supplier to two major automobile manufacturers.  We thrive on developing new technologies with increased flexibility for our customers.
  • Beer Tap Handles – Tap manufacturers and their customers expect low profile graphics that will work on unique shapes and with edges that disappear under a clear coat.  TSL Graphics offers many options for those requirements and the printing flexibility needed for the exploding growth of small local brewers and their needs.