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06.20 2012

Decorating News and Development in the TSL Graphics Blog

I’ve spent 32 years in working with paint and decal technologies. It’s rewarding work knowing that while I still can’t hit a driver on the golf course, I can make one look great. Watch this space for new technologies and new application for the tried and true.

If you don’t see it here drop us a line. I love a challenge so I’m hoping this blog will send a few my way. Are you looking to lower your cost yet retain the POP needed to sell your product? Or maybe just looking for something new and different. Often new and different is an established technology used in another industry.

You provide the art, I’ll provide samples or suggest suppliers that may be a better fit.

Decal and graphics suppliers can’t be all things to all customers. We each find our niche. I have a good grasp for these niches and if sending you off to another supplier is what it takes so be it.

Drop me a line. Nothing to lose.

avatar About Todd

32 years of decal, paint, and finishing experience. Founder of TSL Graphics Inc.
Has been on the Board of Advisors for Industrial Finishing and Industrial Paint and Powder.
Developed many industry specific one of a kind decorating technologies. His experience ranges from goalie sticks to violin bows and cantaloupes to canoes.

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