03.14 2017

The Interesting Origin of Pantone Colors

At TSL Graphics we use Pantone references every day but just now learned how this color standard system began.  In “The Bird-Based Color System that Eventually Became Pantone“, print media …

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03.08 2017

Water Transfer vs Solvent Transfer vs Solution Transfer

TSL Graphics has answered many calls about solution transfers and very few use the same name for them. This product was a decorating staple for decades and different printers called …

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03.03 2017

Solution and Water Transfer Application Video

Solution transfers remain popular for commercial product decoration even with newer options. Many times if a customer has been using them for years it’s difficult to change to anything else. …

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02.13 2017

New Waterslide Decal Application Video

TSL Graphics waterslide decals are easily our most popular product. They work on painted metal, composites, lacquered wood, glass and more. They’re easy to apply too and don’t require chemicals …

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08.30 2016

Decorating Powder Coated Yeti Mugs

I’ve noticed Yeti mugs becoming popular over the last year or so but didn’t try one myself until recently. No wonder I see them everywhere; they’re great! Coffee stays hot …

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04.28 2014

Decal application doesn’t have to be hard!

I realized last week that we often take for granted some of the best practices and little tricks for applying waterslide decals and solution transfers. A new customer was testing …

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05.13 2013

Anodized Decals and Decoration

Anodized coatings are sometimes the only option when tolerances are tight and a high quality finish is important.  But how do decal and decorate those parts? TSL Graphics offers a …

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02.28 2013

Decals for Glassware

TSL Graphics decals for glassware are an easy and cost effective solution for adding sponsor logos to large events or custom touches to weddings and other functions. Screen printing directly …

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01.02 2013

Decals for Promotional and Licensed Products

Licensed and promotional products are an interesting market because the design and logo applied is often worth more than the product it’s applied to.  Take a standard kitchen towel and …

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10.15 2012

Beer Tap Handles and Baseball Bats

A local bar with a knack for clever signs posted this a few months ago:  “The Best Sun Screen is Sitting Inside a Bar”.  While softball players stopping in for …

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